What can you do if negative ratings jeopardize your reputation and sales?

What can you do when negative ratings jeopardize your reputation and sales?

You know that customers use reviews as their basis for deciding whether to buy from or choose a service provider.

In fact, more than 85% of customers choose a provider after reading the reviews.

It is also clear that negative ratings cause your overall average to fall below 4 or even 3 stars and will damage your sales and reputation.

Statistically, a company with a rating of 4.5 stars or better has 50% more turnover than the same company with only 3.0 stars.

When you think about your own ratings and customers, you would notice that they behave that way.

People do not book a hotel that has negative ratings. People also do not choose doctors who are not reviewed positively on the internet, and craftsmen who does not have at least four out of five stars are not hired.

Competitors damage you purposefully with negative evaluations

Your competitors also know this and use the anonymous possibilities to harm you with negative reviews.

An unjustified 1-star rating can cause you frustration, especially if you know that this customer or incident did not occur at all. Sometimes they give negative reviews even if you do not offer the service at all!

What can you do about it?

You only have two options:

  1. You delete your account, no matter which portal and start all over again. The disadvantage of negative ratings will disappear.                                  The disadvantages: Your positive ratings also get deleted and you are very likely to lose your ranking, even if you set up a new account at the same time. This can lead to significant sales losses, especially for Google, if you are a regional provider.
  2. You write or have positive reviews written or buy reviews. This doesn’t make the negative entries disappear but allows you to offset them and raise your rating average.

You should analyze bad reviews carefully and as questions such as: Who wrote these? Does the person really exist? Did the person also rate other companies negatively? Did they talk to the company on the phone to see a pattern like common customers or interfaces?

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