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Buy reviews and your tables will be full!

Good restaurant reviews often make the difference between a good running restaurant and empty tables!

Dear restaurateur,

to always please your customers is not easy at all. Some love large portions and then complain that it was too much. Others focus on quality, but don’t want to pay the price.

But both of them write you a negative review, which prevents many guests from eating at your place.

The following are just a few examples of annoying reviews:

TripAdvisor Bewertungen kaufen


What can you do to protect yourself from malicious reviews, which have tipped to avoid a confrontation on the spot, but which are bad with a negative review?

You can buy restaurant reviews to show your true performance.

Avoid the next guest reading their negative reviews and eating elsewhere.

Because “what’s true will be on the reviews” as the saying goes.

The result? Your restaurant will be emptier and emptier. Also the regular customers will try something different and new customers will not come, especially if they have read your reviews.

The downward spiral begins to turn: You must reduce your staff – the family holiday, which is actually urgently needed, is cancelled – your wife and children complain because there is no money and you have less and less desire to spend time in the restaurant.

Stop the vicious circle – Buy restaurant reviews now

With little money and even less effort you can break the above vicious circle and present your restaurant in the light it shines in reality.

Don’t let them pull you down, enjoy the positive feedback they receive from your guests far too seldom.

To ensure this feedback, we find testers who live near your restaurant, who they already know or will get to know.

These testers visit your restaurant and get an uninfluenced impression of your location and performance.

This impression is then written down in a benevolent review.

This procedure is absolutely safe and can be applied to all known platforms.

Buy Restaurant Reviews – How does it work?

1) Select the desired quantity and click on “add to cart”. If you want to buy more reviews than offered write us an email or give us a call.

2) Now insert in the field “special instructions to the seller” the platform or platforms inclusive of the division where we should rate them and the link on the platform to your restaurant. As well as special wishes – if necessary. We also require your sales tax identification number in the second field. If you enter this number we do not charge VAT. Go to the checkout now.

3) In the next step please fill in all company data and, if available, enter your discount code in the field at the top right.

4) Choose between PayPal, credit card or instant bank transfer to complete your purchase. You will automatically receive an invoice by e-mail after your purchase.

Restaurant reviews can be found here, at GoldStar Marketing.

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