Order Process

Google process

We put together packages so that you can easily and conveniently choose the right evaluation campaign for your company or service. You can select the right package by ordering directly through our online shop and look forward to the results.

Your campaign will start within 48 hours after your order is in.

We implement the service after you have completed your order.

Please note that some reviews have verification processes, and that can take up to three working days per review.

Our experience also showed us that writing a large number of reviews and posting too quickly does not make good sense. This only leads to unwanted attention from portal operators.

Normally we will place around ten reviews a month. If we place them any faster we will ask for written instructions from you regarding what the reviews should focus on.

You can provide us with all the necessary data such as the profile link and any comments you’d like us to make during the ordering process.

Each order is checked by one of our employees. We will contact you immediately if we need any additional information.

If you have any questions, we are available six days a week. You can find further information on each product page for their respective order processes.

Individual solutions:

If order volumes more than 30 reviews, we will be happy to advise you individually on all your campaign options.

We find the right solution to highlight your product, service or company with real customer reviews.

You get access to our software, are always informed about your project’s status, and you will know who rated you, how, when and where.

You are welcome to contact us directly on 01577 7707 855.

Amazon process:

At Amazon, we basically differentiate between verified and unverified reviews and then purchase campaigns.

We adjust our process after your order.

Our number one requirement is your ASIN (s), and the respective quantities that should be evaluated.

Process of verified reviews:

You send the ASIN (s) and the number of pieces per ASIN to be evaluated. Our product testers then research and evaluate your product accordingly.

Process verified reviews:

First, you decide whether you want to provide us with vouchers to purchase your products or choose our secure cashback method.

An expiry voucher will then be provided by you:

You then send us the codes and our testers order your product with these vouchers. After the test, they are evaluated.

Cashback method procedure:

In addition to the price of the reviews, we will send you an invoice for your product’s price, plus a small fee (1.40 – 1.90 euros) per review.

Then our product testers order your product.

You can use your current account or credit card to pay. Sometimes we also use our own vouchers for payment.

This particular procedure is very safe and is preferred by most customers.

After the purchase, the evaluation takes place with a delay of three to seven days.

If you would like to have the products sent back after purchase, we either need a shipping label or we will invoice you for the costs.

Process of purchase campaigns:

The aim of the purchase campaign is to quickly simulate purchases, especially for new products, to improve the product’s ranking and to achieve organic sales at the same time. As a rule, there is no evaluation after the purchases.

The rest of the procedure follows the description under verified ratings.

Amazon individual solutions:

From an order quantity of 50 reviews or with regular orders, you get access to our software. Here you can track the progress and status of your order.

For larger orders, we advise you individually and work out the best solution for you. You can rely on our know-how from our countless completed orders.

You are welcome to contact us directly on 01577 7707 855.