Is it morally acceptable to buy reviews?

In recent weeks, this question has not only been posted and discussed in print media and various blog posts but also UK television stations have taken up the topic during prime time.

Their discussions state that by buying positive reviews the consumer is deceived and is therefore immoral and offends against the law against unfair competition.

Now, this is understandable from the consumer’s point of view.

If you remember the discussions on media, you would agree that companies with a significant, large, to the point of being a “fraudulent” customer base should not be allowed to rebrand with a lot of positive ratings.

It would also benefit notorious companies (numerous negative reviews) that would deceive customers using these positive reviews and would end up hurting consumers.

It sounds complicated, but someone selling a new iPhone or a new TV is 30-40% cheaper without a hook. It doesn’t work.

However, if you look at the problem more closely this is not the entire reality. Lawyers, doctors, persons, and companies who have received less than ten ratings in their entire professional lives are those that benefit from this. Their professional lives were fine for years before online reviews became relevant. Now, their rating suddenly drops because of one or two negative ratings over some misunderstandings or mistakes.

The problem is that these few negative ratings in the recent years do not symbolize your good performance over the past few years, but rather document the one or two failures within hundreds or even thousands of satisfactory results.

Buy ratings – straighten out results

From the entrepreneur’s point of view, buying reviews is an important and sensible measure – not to fool customers, but to present one’s true capabilities to the public.

Buying reviews is almost an obligation to show potential customers that they are in good hands and will not be cheated.

A negative evaluation gives no information about the efficiency of this physician.

Buying evaluations is important to protect the jobs of your staff and your own enterprise.

Dear consumers, don’t be angry if one of your “sellers” or “service providers” buys reviews to be more realistic. Negative reviews are mostly just unfortunate mistakes. Really bad companies disappear from the market and ultimately have more a few negative entries.

Dear entrepreneurs, don’t let them unsettle you. Buying reviews is a marketing measure that often brings much more than many conventional methods that draw attention to itself. You owe it to your life’s work, your family and your employees to keep your business running.

So don’t hesitate to buy reviews.