General Questions

  • When do I get the first review?

    The first review will be done within 48h. Some portals have a verification cycle that can take up to three working days. In the worst case, you will find the first review only after five working days online.

    With Amazon reviews, our testers are instructed to wait a few days after receiving the goods until the review is submitted to check the occurrence of a possible effect.

  • Do I always get five stars?

    We research in advance in order to find suitable testers for you, who both fit you, your product, or your service locally, and from the get-go are good-willed and impartial.

  • How long does it take to process my order?

    This depends on your initial situation, the size of your order, and your requests. If you buy larger packages from us or are a regular customer, we will give you real-time access to our platform so that you can follow what happens live.

  • Will the reviews be permanent?

    Yes, they remain permanently on your profile. If a review is deleted for any reason, we will improve it.

  • Will I receive an invoice?

    Of course. As we are located in Spain and have a verifiable VAT ID, we will invoice you without VAT if you give us your VAT ID in your order. Otherwise, we charge Spanish 21% VAT, which you will of course get refunded in Germany.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay with instant bank transfer or credit card. For orders of 30 reviews or more, you can also pay after the invoice.

  • What distinguishes GoldStar Marketing from other companies?

    On the one hand, we are a real company that is listed in the Maltese Commercial Register and has a verifiable UST-ID. On the other hand, we have gained so much experience in recent years that today we can offer you smooth and unproblematic processing including a money-back guarantee. You will be satisfied.

  • Who actually evaluates me?

    Since we came from the mystery shopping (test buying agency) industry, we have sufficient connections to experienced testers who will write your review in perfect English. At the moment our tester group consists of several thousand people who are able to evaluate your company fairly, and you will be very satisfied with our work.

  • Is the valuation buying legal?

    In order to move on a legally secure ground, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. For example, the product testers/reviewers used must not be biased or bribed. It is therefore important to generate real and voluntarily given evaluations (§ 4 No. 3 UWG, § 6 Abs.1 No.1 TMG). Due to our reach and the large pool of reviewers, we can guarantee exactly this by providing you with regionally independent testers who evaluate your company fairly and independently.

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