Studies prove that hardly anyone buys from a provider with bad ratings!
Source: Statista - representative survey 04/2019
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Deletion procedure:
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Reasons for deletion:
Deletions can be successful for a variety of reasons. Here are three examples that have a very high chance of being deleted.

A reviewer gives a rating without ever being in contact with you (without being a customer). The burden of proof lies with the reviewer, who must prove that he was in contact with you.


The criticized assessment contains claims that cannot be proven, such as "The food was cold" or "I waited 60 minutes longer than agreed".


The third category of ratings that can be easily deleted contains defamation or defamation or insult such as, "Mr. XY is a complete idiot, or Mr. XY is the most inept craftsman I've ever seen."

One more thing. Should you be prepared to respond to the depleted assessment, to know that it is frequently recommended by lesser professional counselors, then please remove the answer again. This makes it easier to solve the rating.

FAQ Reviews Reviews:
  • How long does a solution take?
  • If I have legal protection insurance, does it pay?

    As a rule, yes. Please share with us if you have occupational health insurance. Our manager then communicates with you and clarifies the predicted costs for you.

  • Do I still have to do something outside of the assignment?

    No. We do not need a power of attorney from you (for 95% of the cases), our lawyer will handle everything else without your intervention. You can sit back and wait for deletion.

  • How do I know that the commissioned review has been deleted?

    Usually, both our lawyer and portal operator will inform you about the successful deletion.

  • What happens if the rating is not deleted?

    Then our 100% “money-back guarantee” applies without ifs and buts.

  • What happens if after the deletion the same person gives me a negative rating again?

    The same person cannot rate you a second time with the same profile. If a new assessment is made with a fake profile, we recommend reporting it to the police. Due to the previous deletion, we know who is behind the evaluation.

  • Are there alternatives to the deletions? The process can be very expensive, especially with many negative reviews.

    That's right, but then you have a clean slate afterward. At Google, we can also have your entire account deleted and set it up again under the same company name and address. This is cheaper.

Google ratings

Delete your Google ratings now!

Our experienced team of lawyers can delete reviews on almost all platforms - payable only if successful!

Negative reviews hurt, especially when it is not justified (e.g. not from an unsatisfied customer), and from a former employee or a competitor who simply wants to harm you. This damage does not only mean a loss of reputation but above all, a loss of sales, because who would buy from a badly rated company when the (better) alternative is just a click away?

More and more negative reviews are written purely out of bad intentions

Unfortunately, the scenario we mentioned has been increasing in occurrence in the UK over the past few months. Hardly anyone focuses solely on performing well and rather, focuses on increasing the damage to their competitor, who may perform better, or at least provide equal performance. So far, with negative reviews, the best and only alternative was to buy positive reviews in a ratio of 10 to 1. A negative rating requires ten positive 5-star ratings to get an overall average of 4.6 stars. Incidentally, this mathematical formula applies to all ratings, regardless of the platform. However, the disadvantage of this method is that the negative ratings can still be seen, even if the average is good, and any further negative evaluation will harm your efforts.

Have our lawyer delete your negative reviews

Thanks to a very successful beta phase, we can now offer a negative deletion service on various platforms thanks to our team of lawyers.

The task is very simple. You book the number of reviews to be deleted and write to us in the space provided for this purpose: the link to the platform and the name of the reviewer whose review you want to delete. Depending on the platform, the process takes between two and four weeks.

Have Google ratings deleted - payable only if successful!

Our offer is that you only have to pay for your desired deletion only after success because almost all deletions commissioned by us, regardless of which platform led to success. We think this is super fair and frees you from any uncertainty when making your first purchase.

This is, of course, our preparation, including the choice of lawyers. We didn't want to leave anything to chance right from the start and carried out extensive tests beforehand to offer you the best and safest procedure.

Delete your negative ratings and get ahead of the competition for customers!

Here it is. Now only you and your order are missing to make our team get to work. We look forward to your case and we would be even happier if we were able to help your company in this increasingly tough online battle for customers. By the way, in the unlikely event that we could not delete the requested rating, you will get your money back without any problems. It can't be fairer!