Delete Google reviews – Is that possible?

How do I delete Google reviews?

This is a common question that customers ask. Here is a short guide on how to get your negative reviews removed:

Note: This procedure is not the best option, but the one suggested by Google. It’s not that Google is unwilling, there are far too few personnel (600 clerks) worldwide that actually process all these requests.

This is the process:

1.) Comment on the specific negative rating.

You should address the complaint first and do not respond aggressively. If you are sure that it is either a malicious evaluation from a competitor, then write in your reply that you do not know the customer or patient and that they should please contact you (if they write under false names) to solve the problem.

Note: You must be logged in to your account to write this answer. Click on reviews under the three vertical points…the rest is self-explanatory.


2.) Flag the negative review.

Simply select the grey flag next to the specific negative review when you’re logged-in (at Google).


3.) Report a policy violation.

First enter your email address, which is ideally the same as the one you are currently logged in with!

Then select and click on a violation and select Send.

Of course, the easiest method is to have so many positive reviews that offset the negative review.

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