Buy medical reviews – Protect reputation


By buying doctor reviews you not only protect your reputation but you also gain new patients.

Dear doctors, dear female doctors,

we know your dilemma.

On the one hand you stand in your practice every day and try your best to offer every patient the best possible treatment and on the other hand you get annoyed when you come home in the evening and find a bad rating from an angry patient or even from a competitor who wants to harm you maliciously.

Not only does this affect you personally, it also damages your practice, your reputation, and ultimately your employees and their families, who are as dependent on a thriving practice as your family is.

Buying doctor ratings as self-defense

I have talked to many doctors about what you can do and whether it is morally acceptable with positive reviews to compensate for these negative ones. Whether it makes sense to buy reviews is not the issue because it makes sense. Rather the question arises whether it is compatible with your oath and your claims.

In the end, you have to decide that yourself. But I tell you to look beyond your own nose and have the whole picture in mind. You are also responsible for your employees and their families. Therefore it is perhaps not the right way but a very legitimate wish to reflect the daily positive and not only the individual cases in which something went wrong.

Consider it as a kind of self-defense to buy doctor reviews.

How does the purchase of reviews work?

After the purchase you will receive an invoice. As we are located in Spain we do not charge VAT.

Afterwards we will write you every week a review for the portal or portals selected by you and improve gradually your average.