Building up reviews safely

How do we balance your desire to get your rating up quickly and the importance of secure, safe, positive reviews?

We understand that you, the customer, desire to receive positive ratings quickly. After all, you asked for our help because you have a concrete problem and have already paid for the service.



Nevertheless, it makes sense to be patient for the following reasons:

1.) People will notice if your page that has previously had a small number of reviews suddenly gets more reviews (more than, or equal to) within a short period of time. Attracting attention means ratings are deleted because they think the reviews are fake.

2.) It is the same if you’ve had mainly negative ratings and then suddenly get ten or more positive ratings within a few days. Again, this will be noticed and the new ratings will be deleted again for the same reason.

3.) If you have had mainly bad reviews so far, with an average of perhaps less than 3.0 and we write mainly reviews with an average of 5.0, then not only the portal operators notice this but also your customers.

So how should you proceed? If you already have several dozen reviews, we can write two reviews a week.

If you have a few and / or negative reviews, you should be absolutely careful about the speed of the reviews and the quality. Your rating should slowly rise in average.

Radical measures are not advisable in any case.

Please consider these scenarios before placing an order. If a problem is really burning your fingers, you should also consider whether the account should be closed and reopened. This is sometimes the easier way.