Delete Google reviews – Is that possible?

How do I delete Google reviews? This is a common question that customers ask. Here is a short guide on how to get your negative reviews removed: Note: This procedure is not the best option, but the one suggested by Google. It’s not that Google is unwilling, there are far too few personnel (600 clerks) […]

What can you do if negative ratings jeopardize your reputation and sales?

What can you do when negative ratings jeopardize your reputation and sales? You know that customers use reviews as their basis for deciding whether to buy from or choose a service provider. In fact, more than 85% of customers choose a provider after reading the reviews. It is also clear that negative ratings cause your […]

Building up reviews safely

How do we balance your desire to get your rating up quickly and the importance of secure, safe, positive reviews? We understand that you, the customer, desire to receive positive ratings quickly. After all, you asked for our help because you have a concrete problem and have already paid for the service.     Nevertheless, […]

Buy medical reviews – Protect reputation

  By buying doctor reviews you not only protect your reputation but you also gain new patients. Dear doctors, dear female doctors, we know your dilemma. On the one hand you stand in your practice every day and try your best to offer every patient the best possible treatment and on the other hand you […]

Is it morally acceptable to buy reviews?

In recent weeks, this question has not only been posted and discussed in print media and various blog posts but also UK television stations have taken up the topic during prime time. Their discussions state that by buying positive reviews the consumer is deceived and is therefore immoral and offends against the law against unfair […]