About us

So you know who you’re dealing with:

Dear entrepreneurs,

we are passionate entrepreneurs with a sense of justice from the beautiful Franconia region, with a team of competent and friendly employees who strive to do something good for you and your company.

We have founded GoldStar Marketing to provide effective help to entrepreneurs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have been unfairly evaluated on the Internet.

We promise you that we work daily to make the service better and better for you, until we can offer you a flawless, honest and constant service.

I think we are close to the optimal stage, but you know it yourself – as an entrepreneur there is always something to improve and new challenges appear on the “entrepreneur horizon”.

We do not support and talk about bad performance well, but help entrepreneurs who have been unfairly distressed by their former employees (and their friends), by their competitors or by professional offenders with negative evaluations, because bad evaluations are not only a personal insult for many entrepreneurs, but often also a threat to their existence.

We have found a solution how we can help you. You do not need to be afraid of warnings or punishments, our methods have been tested and improved to withstand all scrutiny.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in a similar situation as described above. We will be happy to help you.