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Google Bewertungen kaufen

83% of consumers say that online reviews influence their choice when choosing a vendor or service provider. Providers with poor ratings have proven to be worse off than companies with good ratings!

Google Bewertungen kaufen

According to a study by Harvard University in February 2018, companies with a rating average of less than 3.3 stars are not selected at all. Conversely, service providers with an average of 4.6 stars or better achieve 30% more turnover than companies with a lower rating.

Google Bewertungen kaufen

Negative reviews are 17 times more likely to be given, even though more than 98% of your customers are satisfied. It’s not easy getting good reviews posted by customers and businesses that fail to balance the negative feedback lose their customers to their competition.

Google Bewertungen kaufen

We are there for you six days a week! So don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you!

We help you!

We record and publish positive feedback from your recent customers, to help your future customers to easily find your business.

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Buy ratings - increase ranking and turnover

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Many entrepreneurs who are annoyed by bad ratings do not even know that it is possible to effectively counteract negative ratings.

This does not mean that these reviews should be deleted; this process is usually only possible with great financial commitment and a lot of time from specialised lawyers but rather than that, reviews of dubious quality are offset by consciously placing reviews.

Goldstar Marketing has the resources and experience to help you along the way. With us, you can safely buy reviews from real British reviewers.

In recent years, we have helped thousands of companies improve their reputation, sustainably increase their sales and document their true capabilities.


Mathematically, for each rating with one star you need ten ratings with 5 stars to get back to a total average of 4.6.


That's why ratings are so important:

You know from experience that a company rated 20% worse than its competitors would cause new customers and a few regular customers to be reluctant. The old saying that “something true will already be there” is what is on peoples’ minds.

You can rise in the ranking by getting good reviews and get more customers by getting these reviews quicker. This applies to all platforms - use this!

Reviews support you like word of mouth! Have you been recommended? Excellent. Now the potential customer gets this recommendation confirmed by other customers. It could not get any better!


Our Mission Statement: Buy Reviews

We don’t want to improve a bad company’s rating. We believe that bad companies will eventually disappear from the market all on their own, and we won’t keep them alive.

NOTE - Our testers are tasked with demonstrating your true capabilities. If we think that your company belongs to the 0.5% of companies that are bad, cheat, or rip off customers, we will NOT accept you as a customer.

If we determine that you belong to this category, we will inform you within 24 hours with a full refund and a rejection of service.

Our mission is to help good people and companies rightfully document their good performance on the net.

Currently, the common practice is that customers would often evaluate a company after a bad experience, but not when they have a normal or good experience. That’s what we want to change at GoldStar!

We are your partner for managing quality reviews and ratings!


Buy ratings - that's how it works!

You can buy reviews from us for Google and also other platforms.

If you have any doubts about whether we offer your desired platform, please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail or call our hotline. We will be happy to help you and provide you with reliable information.

We usually find testers from your area that appreciate your services or products before writing your review.


If this is not the case, you will get your money back.

If you buy reviews from us, we will select people from our pool of several thousand testers who are locally or thematically suitable for you, who either visit your company to form an opinion, or they order from you and test your products.

The testers are free to formulate their own assessment and are not influenced by external criteria. This ensures a fair evaluation for you and the consumers.


The first step:

We will guide you through the ordering process after you have selected the desired platform and quantity of reviews. Note*: Generally, the more reviews you buy, the cheaper the individual reviews get.

Our friendly email or hotline support teams are available six days a week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


You can also split your reviews across multiple locations or products.

Please pay attention to the fields in the order form where you can leave notes to us and our product testers.

There you can tell us how often we should publish, if you would like to split the reviews across different platforms or what products and services we should mention.

If you forgot anything, you can easily contact us and provide the information after the order has been completed.


After reviews purchase:

After you have bought reviews from us, you will not only receive a legally valid invoice for submission to your tax office, but also a welcome email, in which we once again query the link to the profile to be reviewed, so that we know in any case where and under which company name we may rate you.

As you can see, buying ratings is not difficult, expensive, or reprehensible as mainstream media would have you believe.'

You can enjoy these benefits when you buy reviews from GoldStar:

  • Real testers will test your business, service or product either on-site or by placing an order.

  • The following improvement in your reputation makes it easier for customers to buy from you.

  • At the same time, you will increase the ranking of the respective platform and receive more customers.

  • You protect your business and your turnover from malicious competitors.

  • You compensate for unjustified ratings and demonstrate your true capabilities.

  • You gain access to our software, i.e. full control for you.

  • You enjoy our six days phone support

GoldStar Marketing is the experienced partner at your side that will help you relax.

In recent years we have heard some incredible stories from our customers, and have rescued many entrepreneurs and the families involved from deep frustration and threatening situations.

For this reason, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will also find a solution for you to lead you out of frustration, anger, and depression.

Buy reviews now and sleep peacefully again next week! This is guaranteed by your GoldStar Marketing team.